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 Heritage tour

Participants of various Programs can combine their courses with heritage tour of Places of Importance in and around Mysore.

Mysore Palace – Official residence of Wodeyer kings is illuminated every weekends- A sight to behold

Chamundi Temple – One of the prominent Shakthipeethas of %! temples of Goddess Durga

JaganMohan Palace – Museum of paintings(Raja Ravi Verma) and articrafts  of Mysore Kings

Somanathapura – Hoysala styled architecture temple

Dubare – Elephant camp and Kaveri river rafting among medium rapids

Srirangapatna – Sri ranganatha swamy temple

and also capital of Tippu Sultan

KRS Dam - A huge 127 foot Dam built across River Kaveri with Spectacular Gardens on sides

Shivanasamudra- TwoWaterfalls formed by River Kaveri.

Nagarhole – Wildlife sanctuary for tigers and elephants.


Mysore is a major tourist destination in its own right and serves as a base for other tourist attractions in the vicinity.The city receives a large number of tourists during the 10-day Dasara festival.


Sweets, Sandalwood and Silk. The name Mysore brings the image of its royal foundation in one's mind. One of South India's famous tourist destinations, Mysore is known for its royal heritage and magnificient buildings and monuments.



Every Sunday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Every Wednesday from 
3:00pm to 4:00pm

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